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Facility Improvement History

1999: Land purchase of 144 acres for future use
2002: New primary campus and new junior high campus
2006: $9.8M Bond to add on to the Connally High School, add distance learning, athletic training facility, security, and more
2010: Fund Balance Project: Science classroom renovations, $494,597
2011: Fund Balance Project: Junior high addition and renovation, $2,596,027
2013: Fund Balance Project: Junior high roof, $1,090,135
2014: Fund Balance Project: Primary roof and HVAC, $1,289,697
2015: Fund Balance Project: High school roof and HVAC, $2,571,398
2017: Tax Ratification Election for Band Hall renovation, Auditorium improvements, and more, $80-100K
2019/ 2020: Fund Balance Project: Girl’s Locker Room renovation $930,949, new track and field, $1,587,707
2021: Fund Balance Project: Career Tech Automotive & Diesel Equipment Technology Shop $227,232
2021: Fund Balance Project: Administration & Career Tech roof, $910,932.19
2022: Bond to build/furnish a new elementary school including repaving of Connally Circle, $39M

Since 2010, Connally ISD has spent over $11.7M on facility improvements out of the district fund balance.

Ages of Nearby Schools

Map of McLennan County Bonds for elementary schools