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Thank you to everyone who voted in the bond election.  Of the 868 votes cast, there were 402 for and 466 against.  Although the bond failed, we remain committed to providing Connally ISD students with the best educational experience possible.  Thank you to the Board of Trustees for your vision and leadership.  As the elementary school gets older, the problems with the building will only continue.  However, in Connally ISD, we don’t give up on kids, so we will regroup to determine the best way to address our continued facility needs.

Precinct 12: 77.78% FOR, 22.22% AGAINST
Precinct 53: 50% FOR, 50% AGAINST
Precinct 58: 51.43% FOR, 48.57% AGAINST
Precinct 64: 42.95% FOR, 57.05% AGAINST
Precinct 66: 100% AGAINST
Precinct 68: 100% AGAINST
Precinct 84: 42.06% FOR, 57.94 % AGAINST
Precinct 85: 53.03% FOR, 46.97% AGAINST

Resolution Canvassing the Returns and Declaring the Results of a Bond Election