CC bond 2021

Why are we holding a bond?

Safety Icon

To improve safety at the elementary school

  • The elementary has no secure entrance

  • Campus proximity to I-35 is a safety concern

  • The parent and bus drives are disorganized and inefficient

  • The school's security system and communication system need replacement

  • The school's fire safety system needs complete replacement

  • The use of outbuildings are a safety concern

  • A new school would keep students under one roof. The new campus would be embedded with all security and technology features to provide a safe learning environment.

Savings Icon

To save district maintenance and operations money

  • Older campuses like the elementary school are more expensive to maintain than newer campuses

  • Aging schools drain resources from the District that could be used for supplies, salaries, materials, etc.

  • The plumbing under the building needs complete replacement

  • The HVAC units are past their lifecycle

  • Electric capacity is maxed out on the building and the electrical system is recommended for replacement

Learning icon

To update the learning environment for our elementary students

  • The elementary school has classrooms that do not meet TEA size requirements

  • The cafeteria is too small for the number of students we serve

  • The library is too small for the number of students we serve

  • The gym is too small

  • The electrical system is maxed out which limits the amount of technology teachers and students have access to

  • The new school would have all cabling, servers, Wifi, and the equipment needed for seamless use of technology all over the campus providing more of a 21st-century experience for students, or hands-on learning for students

Overcrowding icon

To reduce overcrowding at the primary, elementary, and junior high campuses, creating room for more students as our community grows

  • The junior high is at full capacity and is in the process of building a steel building to accommodate 4 classrooms. Moving grade 6 to the new elementary will eliminate overcrowding.

  • The primary is at capacity with no room for student growth. Moving grade 3 to the new elementary will allow room for the projected growth.

Virtual Tour Videos/ Current Building

Bathrooms, Plumbing, ADA

Entrance, Playground


Core Spaces (Library/Cafeteria/Gymnasium)