For Parents

At Connally Primary our goal is to teach students directly how to be successful in specific class situations while presenting it in a structured, peaceful, and caring environment. We are an AVID Elementary Certified Campus. AVID Essentials ensures quality and consistency for our students.

We take pride in our school, staff, students, parents, and our community. Together, we can create SUCCESS!

The mission of Connally ISD is to ensure the highest quality instruction for all students using methods that will show positive results and consistent gains in academic performance to the maximum of each students abilities. By involving the total school community, the District will equip students with the life skills of effective communications, problem-solving, technological literacy, job responsibility, and teamwork necessary for productive citizenship and leadership in our global society.

Lunch Schedule

First Grade

Brandon / Miller 11:50-12:20

Banda / Lee 11:55-12:25

Ashley / Short 12:00-12:30

Gober / Tonche 12:05-12:35

Second Grade

Bell / Schmidt 11:15-11:45

James / Johnson 11:20-11:50

Powell / Sosolik 11:25-11:55

Bettge / Keen 11:30-12:00

Third Grade

Ellis / Mason 10:40-11:10

Layne / Webre 10:45-11:15

Britt / Gipson 10:50-11:20

Sheldon / Stevens 10:55-11:25

Jones / Zoch 11:00-11:30

Life Skills

Burch 12:00-12:30