CC Teams

The"showcase" of the TX-935th is its Special Operations Teams (SOT)

Color Guard

The Color Guard is a special marching unit that performs regulation color guard drill and escorts the National and other colors during school sporting events and other activities to include veteran, civic and other local groups.

Honor Guard (HG)

The HG is a special unit that performs special ceremonies and escort duties using ceremonial sabres.

Armed Drill Team (ADT)

The ADT is a special marching unit that performs regulation and exhibition armed drill using replica rifles.

Spirit Team (ST)

The ST is a group of cadets who dedicate their time to fitness and running with school color during athletic events/competitions.

Awareness Presentation Team (APT)

The APT is a group of volunteer JROTC cadets who provide educational program to bring awareness to the JROTC program.

Air Rifle Team (ART)

Cadets on this team participate in the air rifle marksmanship program. The ART requires safety training and basic marksmanship training before cadets can participate in competitions and earn badges for their shooting skills.