TSI Information

  • The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is part of the Accuplacer assessments designed by College Board. The TSIA is designed to evaluate students' skills in reading and mathematics and has been used to assess student preparedness for introductory college courses. Students entering college are required to meet minimum standards on assessments, and scores help colleges and universities determine placement into courses. The test is computer adaptive, and each test is personalized for every student as each test question determines the difficulty level of the next. Final scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly and the difficulty level of the questions answered correctly. It is important that students do their best on the reading and mathematics assessments.

    The high school counselors in conjunction with McLennan Community College and Texas State Technical College use the TSI assessment as one measure to determine entrance into dual credit courses; any student wishing to take a dual credit course their junior year must have a TSI score.

    Prior to taking the TSI assessment, students must complete a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). The PAA gives insight into the assessment as well as some sample questions.  If a student takes the TSIA before completing the PAA a student's scores may be deemed invalid.

    The PAA can be found at https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/dualcreditwacoarea.

    Resources provided by College Board

    TSI Web-Based Study App

    TSI Sample Questions

    TSI Informational Brochure