Parent Tips to Encourage CHAMPS

  1. Try and make sure your child is at school every day possible. When a student misses class work or lessons, it can be hard to catch up.
  2. Designate a time and place for your child to do homework. If he/she does not have homework, have him/her use the time to read. Routine at home is just as important as it is at school. If you create a peaceful place for your child to study, read, and work, it will encourage a love for learning.
  3. Keep in touch with teachers and be involved with your child's learning. Our school offers many ways to be involved. Check our website calendar frequently so you don't miss out on important events that you can attend.
  4. Teach your child character traits at home. At Connally Primary, we say a life skills pledge every morning: "I promise to be trustworthy, truthful, and an active listener too. I will do my personal best, and give no put-downs to any of you."
  5. Make time every day to talk with your child about the day’s activities. When your child says, "it was good," then add, "What was the best part? What part could have been better?"