Parents/Guardians, in the event of an emergency at your child’s school, it is important that you know the emergency terms and procedures that are implemented during an emergency. These emergency terms and procedures are practiced with all staff on an annual basis during in-service training and throughout the year with required announced and unannounced drills and exercises. These drills and exercises test the plan’s effectiveness. These drills may include, but are not limited to fire, intruder, and severe weather. The students are instructed of the guidelines and procedures on how to respond to the terms when announced and are also practiced by students throughout the year with drills and exercises.

Connally ISD as required by law maintains a multi-hazard emergency operations plan that requires four annexes. The annexes consist of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery that are relevant to natural and human-caused disasters. The emergency operations plan provides general guidance for emergency management activities and applies to all District officials, staff, and students. It describes how the District responds to emergencies and assigns responsibilities, describing for various tasks. It empowers employees in an emergency and clarifies emergency roles and responsibilities, describing who does what, when, and how. The emergency operations plan is a living document that is continually reviewed, tested, and updated through various types of feedback such as after action reports. These reports are required after each drill or actual event at all campuses and departments.

The safety terms used during emergencies are shelter in place, lockdown, lockdown no response, and weather alert. Due to the sensitivity of safety roles, student procedures, staff responsibilities, and emergency response during any of these terms, limited information is publicized to the general public.

Please, talk to your child about these terms and ensure they are familiar with them and urge them to ask questions if they are not. Parents/Guardians are welcome to contact their child’s campus or Connally ISD Police to ask questions if they are not sure about their child’s emergency response procedures and ability to respond to these terms.


In the event a campus is evacuated or your child has been relocated to another campus, the plan does have a reunification section. Parents/guardians will be directed by school officials or public officials to their child’s specific location via the Connally ISD website, phone messenger system, telephone calls, etc. Students will be released ONLY to parents/guardians who are documented as emergency contacts and who present a photo ID such as a valid state driver’s license or ID card, military ID, or passport.


Ensure that your child’s emergency contact information is accurate and current. The district uses the Connally ISD website, social media, phone messenger system calls, and local news to notify parents of inclement weather and other emergencies.  Become familiar with your school’s emergency communication procedures. Each school is committed to providing accurate and timely information as it is received in the event of an emergency.


Although, your first reaction might be to call or rush to your child’s school, please follow the tips listed below:

  • DO monitor the Connally ISD website and watch for new information as it becomes available.
  • DO rely only on official communication from school or public safety officials.
  • DO listen for official information regarding reunification with your child if necessary.
  • DO NOT call or rush to your child’s school. You will not be allowed in during any of the emergency safety terms: shelter in place, lockdown, lockdown no response, and weather alert. Your presence could interfere with emergency responders.
  • DO NOT phone your child or school. Staff and students are discouraged from using cell phone communication for safety reasons.